Yes, it’s me: The Leprechaun!

At last, my human friend Tanis Helliwell has seen fit to get me my very own web site. Actually, I shouldn’t complain ‘cos, as humans go, she’s very accommodating doing workshops and writing books to help humans get in touch with elementals. Anyway, I know you humans are always in a hurry so I’d best get to the point.

First off I’d best introduce myself. You can call me ‘Lloyd’ and I’m a leprechaun. We belong to a race called elementals or nature spirits that include elves, brownies, goblins, trolls…you get the idea. Elementals live in all countries of the world and, although humans are more familiar with elementals of the forests and fields, our cousins are found as undines in water, sylphs in air, and salamanders in fire.

And I’m  back with more on us leprechauns! Leprechauns to your human eyes are anywhere from about 2 feet tall to me, about 4 feet. Most of us prefer to wear a hat and are grand shoemakers and making any crafts. We’re also very intelligent, the bankers in our world, hence the pot of gold, we’re known for. We love a good joke and enjoying the craic. We love green, shamrocks, tea and porridge…did I mention guinness…in case you want to leave out any food offerins. Meself, I’m a philosopher and my work is helping humans to work with us elementals and the Earth.

I could say more about leprechauns but if you get me started it might be hard to stop. On me website I’ll be posting interesting articles on all kinds of elementals to help all you faerie lovers that want to help us to heal the Earth. Oh yes, and we’ll have some fun along the way!

Link here for Articles on Elementals and Nature Spirits

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