Me friend, Tanis, would like to take you on a meditation journey explaining how to work together with us elementals. Yahoo!

This lovely slideshow was created by my friend Mary Gatschene and presented at one of my recent Nature Spirits workshops. The video celebrates the child in all of us. What fun!

This video is from Tanis Helliwell on her most recent BOOK LAUNCH, The High Beings of Hawaii.

The video below is an excerpt from Tanis Helliwell’s DVD: Hybrids: So you think you are human, available HERE.

The video below is an excerpt from Tanis Helliwell’s DVD: Elementals and Nature Spirits, available HERE.

Enjoy this wonderful video of one of my recent talks, recorded and edited by: Li und Jan Temmel (thank you so much!)

Interview with Tanis and Fanny Kiefer from Shaw TV in Vancouver, Canada on the Pilgrimage with the leprechauns book.


Why are we leprechauns considered lucky? Do all of us leprechauns come from Ireland? What IS the Craic, anyway? Me friend Tanis provides some answers to all o’ these questions and also talks about her experiences in Ireland — the first time she and I met!

Here is a short Audio recording on working with Elementals:

Take a gander at this video from Dr. Christiane Northrup, a fan of ours, here (NOTE: you will need to turn the sound on when you start playing the video!):