This self-study e-course welcomes folks from around the world who are interested in co-creating with nature spirits to restore themselves and the world to health.

Learn about elementals
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Welcome to my website!

BUY a book, SIGN UP for a course, VIEW my photos and LISTEN to some enlightenin’ recordins & videos. I’m here to help ye!  

Lloyd the Leprechaun

The Leprechaun Store

Tanis and meself have a few books we've written together (and some she wrote on her own) about us elementals. A real entertainin' read. Have a gander...


LEARN ABOUT ELEMENTALS and Co-creating with Nature Spirits to Heal the Earth. Share in the secrets of manifestation according to natural laws.

Photo Gallery

If you've taken a beautiful photo of an elemental, send it to us and we'll share it here. You never know what you'll find when you're not expecting it!

Videos & Audio

Me friend, Tanis, would like to take you on a meditation journey explaining how to work together with us elementals. Have a listen and make up your own mind...

Greetings from the elementals

YES,IT'S ME: The Leprechaun! At last, my human friend Tanis Helliwell has seen fit to get me my very own web site. Actually, I shouldn’t complain ‘cos, as humans go, she’s very accommodating doing workshops and writing books to help humans get in touch with elementals. Anyway, I know you humans are always in a hurry so I’d best get to the point. First off I’d best introduce myself. You can call me ‘Lloyd’ and I’m a leprechaun. LEARN MORE ABOUT ME ...

Some lovely words from readers

How my books and courses have changed lives

About SUMMER WITH THE LEPRECHAUNS: “This delightful book is not only great fun to read, but makes most interesting and intelligent suggestions about the reality and work of this particular branch of the nature world. It can help us open our minds to fascinating dimensions that do exist on the planet.”
Dorothy MacLean
Co-founder of Findhorn and author of "To Hear the Angels Sing"
About PILGRIMAGE WITH THE LEPRECHAUNS: “As a master storyteller of today, Tanis brings her characters to life on a truly remarkable journey with a leprechaun as a tour guide.”
Jeff Frank
Founder Nature Lyceum of New York
About HYBRIDS: “Tanis Helliwell’s "Hybrids" is a provocative, thoughtful exploration of the deeper realms of human consciousness. I really appreciated the psychotherapy skills she brings to the interviews, which are the core of this work. It’s a gift that will help some find important answers to the great question… Who am I? It’s the strength of the book.”
Barry Brailsford
Author "Chronicles of the Stone" series

“Begin your journey of co-creation by learning to work with the elementals.”

Elementals caught in the act!

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